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Google Tracks Users’ Movements Even After “Location History” Is Turned Off

You’d assume that Google would stop tracking your movements after disabling Location History. But the Associated Press has found that the California giant can continue to collect geo-positioning data and even track you by the minute, storing your home address and other places you visit throughout the day.

Associated Press reporters found that Google continues to track users through services like Google Maps and Weather, as well as through searches. If you turn off Location History, the company simply stops adding location data to the Google Maps timeline.

But there is a way to make Google stop tracking you: you have to go into your account settings and turn off the “History of apps and web searches.”

After that, the company will not be able to store data about where you are. Previously collected data can be manually deleted from the “My Activities” page.

“‘Location History’ is a Google product whose use is entirely voluntary, and users can edit and delete records and disable the feature at any time,” a company spokesperson told The Verge website. –

“As noted in the story, we make it clear that when a user turns off Location History, we continue to use geo-positioning data to improve Google services – for example, when they search for something or use navigation.”