Geolocation Apps

How to Search for Places in a Specific Area of the Map

To find the right place in a certain area of the map, when it comes to online maps, you can follow the steps of the following algorithm or use list of best geolocation apps.
It is necessary:

1. open a map on the Internet (you can use Google or 2GIS maps) using your computer or mobile device.
2. Find the preferred area on the map.
3. press the Enter key or use the icon to search for places, which looks like a magnifying glass. Press the Search Nearby or Locations Nearby key.
4. Specify in the search box the category name of the place you are looking for, such as a café or museum.
5. Press the Enter key or use the icon to search for places.

After you have completed all actions, you will see icons on the map that indicate the location of the desired places. To find out more information, you need to click on one of the icons.

You can also use another way to search. To do this, enter the text in the search field of the map, for example, “museum” and click “Search”. Then, on the map will appear points, indicating the location of attractions near the specified place.

How to search for places near me, attractions near me

Places near me is convenient to find with a global search through Google Maps. This service receives data from various Internet resources, so it has the most up-to-date information.

With its help you can find:
1. city events;
2. cafes/restaurants/bars;
3. monuments;
4. museums/galleries/exhibition halls;
5. stores;
6. cinemas/theaters/concert halls.

In addition to the exact address, in the application you can find out about the reputation of the institution, according to the reviews of real visitors, a description of the place, contact information and, possibly, the cost of visiting, especially relevant for catering outlets.

In addition, sights and establishments are ranked by popularity, reputation and preferences of the user of the Google search engine account in the search results.

In addition to Google Maps, there are other services that will help you to find interesting places nearby, such as 2GIS or Yandex.Maps, which have similar functionality. In extreme cases, if there is no Internet, you can ask passersby. People who live in the city should be aware of where to see the sights.

You can buy a traveler’s guide or a paper map on which socially significant places are marked with special icons. The meaning of these signs can be seen on the map legend, which is usually displayed in the lower left corner.

Useful services for travelers

A lot of online services help travelers to find “near me” sights, which meet most of the needs of tourists.

Different apps can perform the following functions:
1. search for any point in the city online or offline;
2. constructing a walking or driving route;
3. searching for the location of places of interest;
4. search for eating places;
5. search for places for entertainment: parks, cinemas or entertainment complexes;
6. searching for places where you can rent a car.

All of them are designed to make life easier for the traveler and make the train as comfortable as possible.

Maps of cities

Maps me is an application, where you can install on your mobile device a map of any city, displaying not only streets and houses, but also the location of cafes, restaurants, theaters, hotels and other useful for tourists establishments. Service works on the platform of Ios and Android, and its installation and use is absolutely free.
If your phone supports the GPS function, this application will help in real time to keep track of where the person using it is now. This will avoid awkward moments with asking passersby how to find this or that place. The Maps me application can work both online and offline.

Offline Maps

Maps With Me is a map containing information about all countries of the world, which can also work without access to the Internet. In order to get started after downloading the application, you need to select the necessary places on the map and download to your mobile device. After downloading the data, they will be available offline, so they can be used on any trip.

In addition, the application has a good data download speed.

City maps 2 GO is a mobile application that can work without internet access. The principle of operation is that you can download a map of the desired city to your phone, and then use it at any time. You can download the application for free and download up to 5 maps. Starting with 6 maps, they become paid.
Yandex.Maps is an application that can be used both online and offline. This service is convenient to use on the territory of the CIS countries. To use the map without access to the Internet, it must be downloaded to your phone. However, in this case, the route will not work automatically.

2 GIS is an application for cell phone, which can be used not only as a navigator. It will also help to find on the map places useful to the traveler, such as a hotel, store or restaurant, with their contact information.

Planning an itinerary

Sightseeing “near me” is possible only with a well-planned route.

Tourists can use the following applications to help with this:

  1. Redigo is a mobile app that can replace thick and expensive guidebooks. It contains all the information tourists need: maps that work without Internet access, a description and location of places of interest, currency converter, time in different time zones, translator and even information about the visa. The app has information on many countries and cities around the world.
  2. Map My Ride is an app that is great for cycling enthusiasts. With its help, you can not only build a convenient bicycle route to all the major attractions, but also create and download your own track.
  3. city maps 2 GO – the app can build a walking route according to specified criteria, for example, through all the popular attractions.

You can also build a route in real time in city maps apps that work using Internet access.


Now the paper guides began to be replaced by services for mobile devices and personal computers, which in addition to descriptions and locations of attractions contain other useful data for travelers.

The most popular among such guidebooks are the following:

1. Polyglot – a service that provides not only data on the sights of the city in different countries, but also provides a section with small phrasebooks.
2. Around the world – a publication that not only publishes guides in paper form, but also provides a service with electronic versions of guides.
3. Smorodina – a service, which contains a large amount of data, allowing you to carefully plan a trip around the cities of Russia, taking into account the location of all the sights. Compiled with the help of real travelers.
4. Thomas Cook – a service that provides links to pdf files containing all the information on the sights of a particular city. Downloading is free and without the need to send SMS messages.
5. Lonely Planet – a service containing data collected by professional journalists and travelers. It includes information not only about the location of attractions, but also useful places, such as stores, cafes and hotels. You can also find there useful tips that will be useful to the inexperienced tourist.

Using these services, you can easily navigate even in an unfamiliar city.

Where to go

Sightseeing “near me” can be explored independently with the help of audio-guides, and with the help of a guide. To find a guide, you can use the Weatlas app. This service has an extensive database of different types of tours in many cities from different countries. Here you can order a tour online and book seats.
In addition to visiting famous landmarks, some tourists may be interested in meeting and communicating with locals in the local or native language. There is a service called Party Witha Local to meet this need. It will tell you where the parties are and give you the exact address.

You can search for other entertainment in different categories, such as going to a movie theater, concert, or sporting event, by using the Tripadvisor app. You can also read reviews of other visitors about a particular place.

Leisure and entertainment

In addition to visiting the sights of the city while traveling, there are other activities that will help you to find the following apps for mobile devices.


App, which allows tourists to get an unusual entertainment. Its essence is that the traveler hides a “treasure” in some city in a certain place and leaves a geo-tag, which the next person should find. The application is already more than 15 years old, during this time, geocaches have been laid in more than 200 countries of the world, and so far more than 2 million “treasures” have been hidden.

Izi travel

Internet service, which contains a huge collection of free audio tours, recorded in different cities and museums by professional tour guides. There is paid content.


Application where you can book a tour in Russian. The database of the service contains more than 4 thousand excursions in 566 cities of the world.


Application through which you can find a local resident who can give a tour of the city. Also there is a forum where you can ask any question on the country or city and the locals will give you the answer.

Stay. com

A free service that will give detailed information on the selected attraction of the city. It is enough to choose a place, and the application will download the route, how to get to it and give a detailed description. Able to work without internet access.

Rent a car

Sightseeing can be not only “near me”, but also located at a great distance. In this case, you will need a means of transportation, and the most convenient is a car.

You can rent a car using the following apps:
1. RentaIcars is a car rental service which operates in almost 170 countries and supports 40 different languages, including Russian. Works on different platforms.
2. KAYAK – an application where you can not only rent a car, but also pick up flights, find and book a hotel room. You can also compare prices and choose the most suitable option. The service does not sell products, but only provides information, to buy it redirects to the official website of the organization. Can work in Russian.
3. Hertz is an app with which you can rent a car in the U.S., where there are almost 2,000 rental locations, as well as in more than 5,000 countries. The service works on iOS and Android platforms.
4. Avis is a global company with its own mobile app that helps to rent a car in more than 160 countries around the world. The company has almost 6 thousand rental offices, which serve more than ten million people each year. The service works on platforms IOS and Android.
5. Car rentals Market – application, which does not help to rent a car, but helps to find a company providing this service. Here you can compare prices and choose the most acceptable. The service works in European countries, the U.S. and Canada. You can book a car online, through the application.
6. Economybookings – a service which will help you to book a car abroad in more than 800 rental locations. There is a support service in Russian.

Useful mobile applications

Among the services useful for travelers there are also mobile applications that will make life easier for tourists:

  • Sit Or Squat will help you find a public toilet that is as close as possible. It will also indicate its cost and reviews other useful data, such as the availability of a changing table. The list of such restrooms can be added independently, the list of new locations will be available to all users.
  • Pack Point – an application for mobile devices, which will not only help you to find the most favorable trip, ticket or hotel, but also prompt you what to take and how not to forget anything. Specifying the place and purpose of travel, the service will help to make a list of necessary things and will prompt if you forget something important.
  • Travelata is a service for cell phones, which is designed to choose an inexpensive trip among a huge number of proposals. Also it is possible to make the tour online. Similar functionality has an application Level.Travel. In addition, it offers bonuses for each booked tour.
  • The Aviasales application will help to buy air tickets at the best price, and book a hotel on the service Hotellok.
  • People who care about their health should install the mobile application Tripinsurance. It will help buy health insurance at a bargain price and get expert advice online during your trip.


Before going on a trip, an inexperienced traveler is advised to carefully read the advice of experienced tourists:

1. Do not skimp on health insurance. Nothing can happen on the trip, but if something happens, in some countries the cost of medical care is very high, so it is better to be covered.
2. In case you have to travel soon, it is advisable to check all documents in advance. Especially if you need a visa or passport.
3. you can save money on accommodation, using hostels for overnight stays, and move around the city during the day with all the things.
4. It is better to buy tickets in advance, so you can save a lot of budget. You can also take the opposite advice and buy a last minute tour, it is much cheaper than usual, but then there is a high probability that on the desired date there will be no such tours.
5. It is worth planning your route in an unfamiliar city in advance, to avoid unpleasant situations and not to get lost, or to download a map.
6. Need to take all the medicines that are usually used or standard set of pills, because in some countries it will be impossible to find the usual drugs or they will need unexpectedly.
7. You should not take too many clothes.
8. It is better to keep money on a bank card, withdrawing cash from ATMs.

Following these simple tips will help to make the trip more comfortable and safe. And using the described applications will allow you to find attractions even in an unfamiliar country, both “near me” and throughout the city.