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Best Spyware for Android Reviewed

If you’re finding yourself a spy program, you have a lot to look out for. You can find both expensive and cheap ones. There are even free ones. With different amounts of functionality. 

We will not consider all solutions and make ratings. Nor will we consider spyware solutions. We will introduce you to several tested solutions, which are worth paying attention to.

Choosing a program

A normal Android phone spying program should do four things:

  • Call tapping, text message reading – phone conversations are recorded and sent to the server in a personal account
  • Geolocation – sending the geographic coordinates of the phone to the server with a specified time interval
  • Remote voice recorder – listening to the phone’s environment.
  • Stealth – the application must not reveal its presence on the phone.

The above allows you to organize a full-fledged surveillance phone Android and its owner, not requiring direct visual contact. Now it is enough to install a mobile spy, and all the data you need will be provided to you in a convenient form. But these are just the basic features that any spyware for Android should have. In addition to these, it is very useful to have access to your address book, browser data, messenger data, camera and other smartphone features. Very many cell phone spyware programs provide this functionality. How about the ability to send a message on behalf of the subscriber or call someone, recording the resulting conversation…

Paid or free

A little more attention will be paid to the issue of free spyware. First of all, there are such programs, and there are a lot of them. The bad news is that they are very inconvenient. The problem is that they are very inconvenient: they have very few features and many bugs. It would be better to include them in the usual useful mobile applications that allow you to add more features to your phone. You should not install them on other people’s phones, because there will be more problems. Only paid cell phone tracking programs are constantly kept up to date. These solutions are supported by developers who not only monitor the development of their product, but also help users solve their technical issues.

One should also keep in mind the sensitivity and sublawfulness of the very issue of spying on someone without their knowledge. In such circumstances, it is not a good idea to use “low-quality software”.

Best spyware for Android by price – quality ratio

Different developers have different strategies for choosing a niche in the market. Someone is dumping the price, someone provides a service of a more elite level. It is difficult to evaluate different classes of programs for cell phone tracking and rank them by price to functionality ratio. By price it is possible and by feature set it is also possible. But by correlation of these two parameters, you can not – too subjective evaluation will be too. In this category we will single out an Android spy, which has the lowest price but is a full-fledged spy app that has all the basic functionality you need. This tool is the MobileMonitoring application. 

To put it all into a couple of words, it offers basic functionality, which can also be ordered incomplete, choosing simpler tariffs. The cost per days of use is very low. Able to listen to calls, read text messages, build travel routes and use the microphone as a recorder to listen to the phone’s surroundings. That is, everything is simple and tasteful.

The best spyware for Android in terms of features (expensive)

When it comes to functionality, there are no more advanced solutions on the market right now than Flexible Spy (translation). This is definitely the best spy for Android, at least in our market. The tool is capable of such tricks as remote control of the phone, sending SMS messages ( from the phone on behalf of the subscriber, not just reading text messages ). Geolocation, bugging the environment, real time call interception, phone camera snapshots, messenger interception, etc. This Android spy has more than just rich functionality – it contains a complete list of everything a spyware program can contain.

But in addition to functionality, the app boasts the execution of it all at the highest level. It won’t give itself away or fail at the wrong moment. There is support in Russian, there is a long history of stable work.
Of course, products of such a high level of performance simply should not be cheap. To purchase a subscriber for a month would have to shell out at least $60. Of course, this is quite an acceptable price for it, especially considering that the audience of the service is the whole world community. And yet, for our country, the high price of the program is a definite disadvantage for many

Functional program for phone tracking at an affordable price

This is another very correct criterion of complex evaluation – a universal program for a good price. Such, a medium option, so that both spy features are plentiful and save money. The best application for spying on the Android phone in this category would be MobileInstrument (translation).

The service has been on our market long enough. The work is not always stable and sometimes causes complaints, but for the most part copes with its task. Functionality at a level much higher than the basic. The price is affordable. It’s easy to deal with. The installation example we have described was taken from this application.

Bottom line

There is a lot to choose from on the market these days. If you want, here’s a cheaper option, and if you want, here’s a more advanced one. It can be very helpful to pre-test several programs and choose the one that is best suited to your situation.