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Mobile Spyware for Android: Phone Spy Apps

NeoSpy Mobile is a simple and effective spyware for android.

Install the program on your smartphone, or your child’s smartphone, and you can get all the information about the use of the device:

  • Phone screen shots
  • The geographical location of the phone (GPS coordinates)
  • All incoming and outgoing SMS
  • All incoming and outgoing calls
  • Text typed on the keypad. You’ll be able to check with whom and what your child is texting
  • Photos taken on the phone

Installing the program

You can install the program through Google Play if you want to monitor your personal phone. In this case, NeoSpy Mobile will appear in the “My apps” list and the program can be uninstalled through the standard app uninstallation.

If control of your child’s phone is required, keep in mind that your child may accidentally or intentionally delete the program through “My apps”. To prevent the program from appearing in this list, you must install the program manually by simply downloading the installation file (neospy. apk) from the website. On the downloads page you can download android spy in two ways, via Google Play or by downloading from the official site.

When downloading the APK file, you must first allow your phone to install programs not from Play Market. To do this, in the “Settings” menu, you need to select the “Security” item, go in and check the box “Unknown sources”. After installation, you can return this setting and prohibit installation from unknown sources to improve the security of your device.

Setting up Play Security

If you are installing the program for your child, it is recommended that you also disable the regular security threat check in Play Protection, as it may display a notification of device tracking. To disable this option, open Play Market, click on the open menu button on the left, select “Play Protection” from the menu and disable the “Check security threats” and “Help improve protection” items.

In order to ensure that disabling these items does not affect the security of your device as a whole, after installing the NeoSpy program, install new applications only from the Play Market store.

Program settings

After installation you can create an account or connect to an existing account on the NeoSpy website.

If you create an account, make up your login and password, and specify your email address for the password recovery in case you forget it.

After that you can connect the program to your personal account and start setting up the spy. Select the checkboxes for the data you want to send to the server.

The data is represented by three items:

  • SMS-messages, the text of incoming and outgoing SMS will be saved in your personal account;
  • Location, the coordinates of the phone will be saved in the account. GPS-module must be turned on on the phone;
  • Calls, numbers of callers on the phone, and subscribers of outgoing calls will be stored on the server. You will see who called and at what time.

You can also set the frequency of sending GPS coordinates, remember that too frequent sending data may affect battery life, but only slightly.

If you select the option “Hide the icon and set the number to run” then the application icon will disappear from the phone menu and the program will not be displayed. To enter the spy settings for android in the future, dial the given number (in the phone dialing menu) and press “Call”.

Go to your personal account and select “Connected Devices” from the menu. Then find your android device in the list and tap “View History”. Select a date and click on the “View Activity” link. In the tabs, you’ll be able to view calls on your phone, messages, and your device’s location coordinates.

Uninstalling the program

To uninstall NeoSpy Mobile, go to “Settings” – “Applications” – “Manage Applications”, select ns.antitheft.module or ns.antapp.module (may also be called “Cloud Backup” or “Guard”) and click “Uninstall”. After this, the phone will no longer be monitored.