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Professional Tracking Software Review: FlexiSpy

The most advanced one known… supports smartphones on all popular OS: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian!

Right to the main thing. You can hardly find a more professional spyware than Flexispy. The official site says: “The World’s Most Powerful Monitoring Software for Computers, Mobile Phones and Tablets”. And it’s true. We haven’t seen anything quite like it before. And the other important fact is that FlexiSpy is a western spy software. It can do a lot of things that are not cheap. Within reason, but the price tag in comparison with cheap analogues space, if you take it in a maximum configuration. $350 for a year of service. Although, in terms of the day is only a dollar. And there are simpler tariffs.

Features of the program is the most spy. Just look at the ability to remotely take a picture from the main camera of your smartphone. In many countries, this is forbidden and punishable by law. And you can also send a text message on behalf of the owner… Well, you see how well you can set up a subscriber. This is just some kind of lawlessness with elements of human manipulation.

FlexiSpy supports the following devices:

  • All Android phones and tablets
  • All iPhones and iPads under iOS
  • Blackberry phones
  • Nokia devices running Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle

Like all other mobile spyware, Flexispy needs direct access to the phone to install. You will also need to preconfigure the device (get root access on android and jailbreak on iOS). Such settings are required not only for mobile spyware. It is a common practice for working with phones.

Using FlexiSpy

According to the official information from the site, the program can be used for:

  • Monitoring and controlling your own phone – extending its functionality.
  • Monitoring your ward’s phone – if you have custody of a person, are responsible for them, you have the right to know what’s going on with them.
  • Parental control – this is essentially the same as in the previous point. In addition, there is no better way to remotely monitor children when they spend most of their time away from home.
  • Observations of the employees of the company – with mandatory notification and confirmation in writing.
  • But, of course, this is official information. Such programs are installed and used to the fullest extent at your own risk. For example to spy on your wife or husband, for industrial espionage, to spy on the right person, etc. Please note that our mission in this matter is not to urge you to do such a thing, but only to inform, to acquaint you with the program and its possibilities. And we warn you of your responsibilities (not only moral ones, but legally mandated as well, for invasion of privacy).

See the full list of FlexiSpy spyware features

Handset eavesdropping

  • Call Interception
  • Call recording
  • Call History
  • VOIP calls
  • VOIP Conversation Recording
  • Surveillance
  • Environment Recording
  • Facetime eavesdropping
  • Recording Skype calls

Read other people’s text messages

  • SMS Interceptor
  • Read MMS
  • Fictitious SMS is a cruel thing that allows you to remotely send a text message from a monitored phone
  • For example, to intercept a call back afterwards
  • Deleting text messages with words is a fairly rare thing
  • E-mail hijacking


  • GPS tracking

All chat messages and media

Remote control

  • Snapshot with camera – not many people implement such functionality
  • Record video with the camera – also a very rare feature for spyware, despite its popularity
  • Reboot
  • Battery level
  • SMS commands – very handy thing. a full list of available commands in myAlpari.
  • Read intercepted data via free mobile app

Internet activity

  • Visited sites
  • User’s bookmarks

Phone apps

  • Screenshots – a rare feature in spyware for cell phones
  • Contact list
  • Calendar entries
  • Notes
  • Installed
  • Active


  • About SIM changes
  • About calls
  • About Events is a very powerful thing. You can set up to receive alerts when the phone is out of the protected period, when calls from the right numbers or by keywords for SMS

Keeping track secretly

Hide jailbreak (for iPhone owners)
Hide root (for Android)
No deception marks

Easy to use

Control Center


  • Record history of keystrokes in specified applications

Now do you understand the full extent of this spyware?