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Smartphone Monitoring – Free Phone Tracking

An employee’s work phone can work as an analytical tool, collecting statistics on calls, applications, visits to sites on the Internet and movements of its user.
Free StaffCounter phone tracking software promotes compliance with corporate communication rules, limits misuse of smartphones and employee work time.

StaffCounter.Table of corporate smartphones in My Office:

  • Accounting for time spent on your phone (apps only, excluding calls);
  • Time spent on calls and SMS;
  • Map of movements around the city.

The degree of data control and time of phone monitoring does not violate the employee’s right to privacy and strictly corresponds to the level of trust within the company.

Free phone tracking. Basic package options.The app installed on your cell phone sends the collected data to the cloud service data. staffcounter. net
Your account can have one of 3 statuses: Basic (free), Standard (paid), Professional (paid).

Using the free Basic account you will be able to monitor:

  • Turn on and off time of your phone
  • Get the location of the device while it is working
  • See what applications your employee opened
  • Get data on the sites opened on the device by the employee
  • Get information about incoming and outgoing calls (time of call, phone number or name of subscriber, duration of call)

All received data is kept in the Log in a chronological order and is divided by day. Using the free package you get the necessary minimum of options to control your mobile device.