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Best Spyware for iPhone and Android Smartphones: Surveillance Guide

Would you believe us if we told you that there is a possibility for a ridiculous price to get at your disposal a professional device for tracking a person, with the ability to fully control his movements, conversations and correspondence from your cell phone? There is no more need to use the services of detectives and other specialists of investigative activities in order to find out where with whom and why someone is disappearing in secret from you.

About all this below…

The solution is very simple – the program spy for iPhone and and Android devices, which, working in a hidden mode from the subscriber’s eyes, is able to provide you with remote access to the resources of the monitored phone. By resources should be understood as the hardware, as well as information, including calls, correspondence, pictures, address book. You get incredibly easy access to all the information you need. Will be able to track the movements of the caller without the danger of being exposed at the time.

Spyware for iPhone and Android in a nutshell

First, why we focus on the iPhone.

– There are fewer spyware programs for it than for classic Android devices. The link to one of these programs is at the bottom of the article. But the program works equally well with iOS (OS on iPhone devices) and with Android.

Secondly, it is not just a means of controlling someone else’s phone.

It is also a great way to use your own smartphone as a navigator, GPS tracker or alarm system. You can successfully “forget” your smartphone and then find it by tracking the person you want (like the pretty lady at the club) while your gadget is near them. Spyware for iPhone and Android devices can come in handy if you want to track the movement of your own car, or for a short time track the movement of your luggage, suitcase, bag. Just put your working phone with an ios or Android spy in the tracking object and get information on the other smartphone in real time. You won’t have to buy a GPS tracker costing a hundred USD.

No one prevents you from installing the spy software for iPhone or Android, being in an unfamiliar place, turn on the Internet on your smartphone, turn on the tracking on the same phone, and through the browser of the same device, determine their own coordinates, which are nicely superimposed on the map area. This, of course, will be slower than with the navigator, to the same is not as convenient in terms of full-fledged navigation, but you will save a lot on the cost of the latter. You will not need to buy additional navigation maps – the program spy using google or yandex maps, will display your location in any country. It’s really convenient!

But let’s go back to spy features.

Spy for iPhone – the main features of the program for tracking your cell phone

  • Geolocation – exact determination of the coordinates of the tracked smartphone with a specified periodicity, which allows you to build a route of the subscriber’s movement.
  • Recording phone conversations – copies of all conversations are stored on the server for listening to at your convenience.
  • Interception of SMS Similar to the previous point. If the caller deletes SMS, it will still be saved on the server.
  • Remote voice recorder, or bug – sound recording of the surroundings at a remote command

Popular use of the program

  • Got an iPhone for your wife? – and you no longer doubt her fidelity)
  • Check your employees, colleagues and partners
  • Supervising children is the duty of parents!
  • Use your smartphone as a tracker, navigator, alarm system
  • Accidentally forget your phone at the right acquaintances, or in the car…
  • You can use this spy for iPhone in other ways. As far as you have enough ingenuity.

The spyware program for iPhone and Android offers a basic set of functions for tracking and listening to your phone. It’s quite high quality and frankly cheap. Why pay for a set of features that you don’t really need (if necessary, you will find more functional solutions in the same section of our site). You choose a tariff plan, choose a period of use, register and get access to the application, which must be downloaded and installed on the tracked smartphone. The installation is standard for mobile applications, but you won’t see the program on your phone when it’s done. You will need to use a special code to access it. For all these subtleties, read the instructions on the official website of the spyware. Rate plans and a link to go below.